art direction / ui ux / branding

PLUSONE is a full-service digital design and marketing agency specializing in powerful websites and digital marketing for medium to large business.


Developer — Joy Blanchard

Copywriter — Danielle Bilbruck

We wanted to create the PLUSONE agency site to be as simple and straight forward as possible for users. Though PLUSONE is a full-service agency, it specializes is websites and digital marketing, therefore, we made those two sides of the business clear from the home page copy while at the same time creating those two navigation flows through the rollover highlighted text links of the same name. Having a creative navigation system was important to the project and was accomplished through the formations Website and Marketing links, the placement of the sub-nav, the unique rollover animations.

The overall design direction, and branding that was created beforehand leaned towards a clean and ample white space design with references to the companies desire to journey with and guide clients through their digital design and marketing goals while also referencing the Colorado location in which the company was founded.


The minimal design aesthetics along with bold type hierarchy works and looks great on the responsively built mobile site. While keeping all the smooth page transitions and the right amount of SVG animation, the mobile and tablet UI and UX is clean, user-friendly, fun, very easy to navigate around, while still bold and expressive.

The ease of usability continues on the marketing page as we made it simple to interact with and serve up specific copy related to particular marketing services without scrolling. The use of the icons on the left side brings up scrollable details of services on the right while leaving the left side service icons fixed for easy navigation to other products. There are some nice transitions of icons and copy that flow very smoothly from one to the next.


The goal of the project detail pages was to keep things simple, clean, and consistent enabling users to look through several with ease, quickly understand what was accomplished with each. We added interesting SVG animation connecting some of the main points of the project along with adding good screenshots to illustrate them. (SCROLLABLE SCREENSHOT BELOW)