"Zach Byrd - Art Director - As an experienced digital designer, Zach implements innovative UX methodologies to create rich interactive consumer experiences. Zach leads the PlusOne creative team, bringing a great design acumen along with a deep background in designing complex, enterprise-level digital experiences."

–Jeremy Siefkas, Owner of PLUSONE AGENCY

I am an Art Director / UI/UX Designer. My desire to create excellent User Experience designs has driven me to not only build my UI/UX skills but also my font-end dev skills in HTML5, CSS, and basic use of jQuery, in order to talk the developer language, better understand what is possible with my designs, and art direct more effectively with developers. I also have experience as a business owner of Rocket Byrd design, which had focused mostly on web based projects and branding along with graphic design work. My passion (obsession maybe) with UI/UX is a little annoying to my wife when I'm consistently pointing out successful (or not so much) design work. Now she sends ME pictures of good/bad designs!

I grew up in Colorado, mostly in Denver, and have loved seeing the changes in the city and the design culture and businesses Denver has fostered. My desire to create intelligent everyday problem solving designs is not only a desire but a deep life purpose. This drive resonates within me, not only because it's an act of creating new and useful things, but when it's executed with purpose and clarity, it can help more than a company, but communities and lives. It's a powerful and beautiful thing when done right, and I believe it's most successful when done with others in a like-minded community! Outside of design, I'm an avid outdoorsman and athlete, enjoying camping, snowboarding, and volleyball, as well as woodworker and printmaking!

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